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Offline through ultrasound

Create sound-geofencing zones in your hotel


                       Divide the areas of engagement in your hotel and decide how you want to connect with your guests.
                       By broadcasting the engagement data through the sound, your guests can receive relevant information of the area where
                       they are located totally offline and without needing any internet connection.
                       Some examples of geofencing transmission zones:

Hotel information, types of rooms and prices, facilities and features

A map, opening times of the facilities, fidelity program, tours, excursions

Safety information, emergency exits

Menu, prices, recommendations, meal times

Safety information, schedules, services, drinks menu

Safety, services, bar menu, orders, schedules

Engage offline with ultrasound


NFCSound is an ultrasonic audio barcode that can be encoded in an audio transmission. Any device with a speaker can transmit it. It does not require any server calls and the decoding of the ultrasonic signals takes place in the same mobile device, means that the entire process is offline

  1. CREATE- Your campaign and how you want to engage your audience, with deals, notifications, tickets, announcements, votes, rewards, etc. and the relevant message that you want to transmit
  2. SIGNALS- When you have decided how to engage your fans, we will create the ultrasound signals with data that will be integrated into the sound of the music, speaker or our ultrasonic beacons
  3. ENGAGE- When the app decodes the ultrasonic data it executes the chosen action, such as registering in the event, voting, or any other action
  4. ANALYTICS- At the end of the campaign you will measure and understand better the behavior of your audience, reward their loyalty and serve them better

Broadcast your brand


     You can engage tourists anywhere, even in places where there is no connectivity like tunnels, trains, airlines, at sea, mountains, deserts and really everywhere.      Through any sound system, speakers or our transmitters we can connect with travelers and transmit your brand,  information about your hotel or place and              engage them offline, for example in these places:




Tourist information


Tourist sites



Why engage with


It is the most powerful proximity marketing tool for these reasons:

Sound is everywhere

We use inaudible ultrasonic technology as a communication protocol that sends data through
audio to transmit information.

Offline peer to peer connectivity

It works great in all the situations with zero connectivity issues, and there is no need for WiFi or

ON-device enconding

It does not require a server call to decode a tone, which means it can create shopping experiences without wifi, data or general device connectivity

Measurement of the audience

Understand your public.
NFCSound signals with data can be broadcasted from any speaker, dramatically increasing the size of your audience and the richness of your audience data.

Know your visitors through powerful


We provide very rich analytical data that helps you understand who your users are and their interactions with the brand and place, among other possible data:

What countries / cities do they come from?

Segmentation by sex and age

How long are they staying?

What is their level of education?

What is their purchasing level, how much money do they spend on their vacation?

What do they look for in their holiday destinations?

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